Rental guarantee for a commercial rental: Advantages

A rental guarantee without bank deposit brings flexibility to your finances

A SwissCaution rental guarantee replaces a bank rental guarantee and provides your lessor with the same security as a guarantee offered by a bank.

SwissCaution guarantees payment of all debt associated with your rental contract, limited to the amount of the rental guarantee required by your lessor.

Advantage for the professional lessee

SwissCaution allows you, as a professional renter, to no longer tie up your liquidity in order to cover the rental guarantee required by your lessor. Your money, often a significant amount, can therefore be invested more efficiently to finance the development of your activities or to make investments.

Advantage for the lessor

A SwissCaution guarantee offers your lessor the same security, value and function as a bank deposit, with in addition, a smooth operational procedure and personalised service.


For commercial leases, the amount of the annual premium is fixed at 5% of the rental guarantee amount, on the condition that a personal guarantor is committed as a joint debtor in the case of claims to the guarantee.

Who can subscribe ?

SwissCaution provides rental guarantees for businesses (SA, sàrl), freelance and liberal professions (health professionals, lawyers, notaries, fiduciaries, architects, …)

Your rental guarantee at die Mobiliar or at the Post

Make your rental guarantee request directly in a Mobiliar agency or in your Swiss post office