Rental guarantee for a commercial rental: Frequent asked questions

General questions for a commercial lease

What is the maximum deposit amount guaranteed by SwissCaution for a commercial lease?
For a commercial lease, there is no limit on the rental guarantee amount.
I already have a bank deposit. Can I release it today?
Yes, you can establish a SwissCaution rental guarantee at any time and thus recover your money deposited in your bank.
I’m moving, how do I terminate my rental guarantee?
The original copy of the rental guarantee addressed to your lessor or your lessor’s representative (real estate agency) must be returned to us in order for us to release your guarantee. Once we receive the rental guarentee you will be automatically released from paying the annual premium of the following year.

If your lessor has any claims against you, and if you agree, SwissCaution will directly pay your lessor the requested amount up to an amount equal to your rental guarantee. You must then reimburse SwissCaution the amount paid to your lessor or your lessor’s representative.

Don’t forget to contact your insurer (RC/household insurance) who could take care of these costs.

To quickly obtain a new rental guarantee for your new lodging, you must complete a new SwissCaution rental guarantee request as it is a new lease contract.
What is the quality of the guarantee from SwissCaution?
SwissCaution is an insurance company regulated by contract insurance law and is, thereby, controlled by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). This means that SwissCaution is able to offer the same guarantees as a bank.
How long am I tied to my SwissCaution guarantee?
You can terminate your rental guarantee at any time. You just need to provide your lessor with a substitute guarantee of the same amount and the same quality. Your lessor or your lessor’s representative must returned the cancelled original rental guarentee to SwissCaution.

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Your rental guarantee at die Mobiliar or at the Post

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