Rental guarantee for a private rental: Advantages

Your money remains available for your projects

It’s not always easy to come up with 3 months rental guarantee. In addition, the rental guarantee from your previous lodging is often still blocked, or you simply prefer to not be deprived of your money that could be used in other ways.

  • If you will be moving soon, you can subscribe to a SwissCaution rental guarantee and avoid blocking 3 months of rent money in a bank account. A SwissCaution rental guarantee will be sent immediately to your real estate agency or lessor, as well as a copy for yourself.
  • If you have already made a bank deposit for your current lodging, you can recover the money from your rental guarantee by taking out a SwissCaution rental guarantee without deposit.

Your landlord receives a full guarantee identical to a classic bank deposit

If your lessor, after your move, has claims against you, and with your authorization, SwissCaution will pay the required amount to your lessor up to the maximum amount specified on your rental guarantee.

Your rental guarantee immediately!

As soon as your rental guarantee request is received, accompanied by the required documents and payment of your CHF 231.– one time registration fee, your rental guarantee request will be handled immediately!

Become a Client and sponsor your friends!

Exclusive offer valid until December 31, 2017
Fund the amount of your annual premium by sponsoring your friends! You will receive a Manor gift voucher of CHF 25.- for each referral made in 2017.

Receive a voucher of CHF 50.-for your loyalty!

Exclusive offer valid until December 31, 2017
If you are already customer and you make a new rental guarantee in 2017 during your next move, you will receive a Manor CHF 50.- gift voucher in the month following the date of the rental guarantee issued to your godson/daughter.

The freedom to terminate your contract at any time

By signing up for a SwissCaution rental guarantee, you are not linked to a contract with a minimum duration.
You can terminate your SwissCaution rental guarantee at anytime, without notice.

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Your rental guarantee amount: CHF 0.–

You pay a registration premium of CHF 231.–* which covers your rental guarantee until 31 December of the current year.

Beginning the following year, the amount of your annual premium will be CHF 283.50*

* Federal stamp 5% included

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For a rental guarantee over CHF 30'000.-, please contact our Customer Service on 0848 001 848 or by e-mail info [at] to get an offer.

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You’re moving?

Keep the money from your 3 month rental guarantee!

  • Your money remains available for your projects
  • Your lessor receives a rental guarantee certificate identical to a classic bank deposit
  • No deposit to make

You’re already renting?

Recuperate the money from your bank deposit!

Recuperate the money from your bank deposit!
  • By supplying a SwissCaution guarantee to your rental agency, you can recuperate the money from your existing bank deposit at any time.

Your rental guarantee at die Mobiliar or at the Post

Make your rental guarantee request directly in a Mobiliar agency or in your Swiss post office