Students/Apprentices Offers: Advantages

If you are a student or apprentice, SwissCaution offers you very attractive conditions!

To sign a lease often requires the payment of a deposit equivalent to 3 months rent in Switzerland.

By subscribing to the SwissCaution rental guarantee you can benefit from many advantages:

  • No need to block your money for your rental guarantee!
  • You have no deposit to make, only an annual premium to pay!
  • Your money remains available for other projects!

What is a rental deposit?

A rental deposit is an amount of one, two or three months rent used to guarantee that you will pay your rent or the cost of damages to the property to your landlord if necessary (real estate/agency, university lodging, or private property).

Attention: In case of unpaid rent and/or damages to the property at the end of the lease, SwissCaution will require you to reimburse the advance paid to your landlord.

Where do you study?

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