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The SwissCaution rental guarantee, more freedom for you and your business!

With SwissCaution, your rental guarantee money is not tied up in a bank account so you can invest this money in business-related projects!

Moving into new commercial premises is an important step in any company’s life. It is not always easy to raise the necessary funds for the rental guarantee. By registering for a SwissCaution rental guarantee without bank deposit, your money can be invested in key areas that help you develop your business.

Entrepreneur registering for a rental guarantee without bank deposit

More financial flexibility

Your company needs funds to develop. The SwissCaution rental guarantee without bank deposit offers you financial flexibility. It replaces the rental guarantee with bank deposit and offers your landlord the same value and security.

More freedom for what really matters

The SwissCaution rental guarantee release you from the constraints of a bank deposit. You only need to submit your request by following the steps in the online form.

The rental guarantee request for commercial leases can only be made online.

Support for all professional activities

SwissCaution provides rental guarantees for companies, freelance workers or other professionals (healthcare professionals, lawyers, notaries, trustees, architects, etc.), whichever sector you work in.

Upon cancellation of the lease, and in the event of a claim on the guarantee (rent arrears, damage or restoration of premises), SwissCaution pays the amount claimed to your landlord. SwissCaution will simultaneously exercise its right of recourse against the tenant(s) for reimbursement of the amount advanced to your landlord.