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Questions frequently asked: rental guarantee for commercial use

  • What is the maximum deposit amount guaranteed by SwissCaution for a commercial lease?

    There is no limit to the amount of the rental guarantee for a commercial lease.

  • I already have a bank deposit. Can I release it today?

    Yes, you can establish a SwissCaution rental guarantee at any time and reclaim the money you deposited at your bank. We advise you to obtain prior consent from your landlord or real estate agency.

  • No hidden costs

    As of September 1st 2018, SwissCaution will apply new conditions concerning administrative fees for rental guarantees:

    Removal of mutation fees (CHF 50.-) for all modifications made to a certificate after its emission.

    Removal of cancellation fees (CHF 50.-) for certificates upon the release of a rental guarantee.

    For any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service by phone at 0848 001 848 or by email at

  • I am moving to different premises, how do I cancel my SwissCaution rental guarantee?

    Ask your landlord or your landlord’s representative (real estate agency) to sign and return the original rental guarantee certificate to SwissCaution. Once we receive the signed original certificate from your landlord, you will be automatically released from paying the annual premium of the following year.

    If your landlord has any claims against you (for damage or non-payment of rent), and if you agree, SwissCaution will directly pay your landlord the sum claimed up to the maximum amount of your rental guarantee. SwissCaution will simultaneously exercise its right of recourse against the tenant(s) for reimbursement of the amount advanced to your landlord.

    Do not forget to contact your insurer (third-party liability/household insurance) to check if those costs could possibly be covered.

    To quickly receive a rental guarantee for your new commercial premises, you need to register for a new SwissCaution rental guarantee based on your new lease contract.

  • Is the rental guarantee issued by SwissCaution equivalent to a bank rental guarantee?

    Yes, the SwissCaution rental guarantee replaces the bank deposit and offers your landlord the same security and value.

    SwissCaution is an insurance company subject to the law on insurance contracts and consequently to the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). SwissCaution thus offers the same guarantees as a bank.

  • How long am I tied to my SwissCaution rental guarantee?

    The rental guarantee takes effect on the date of its issue and is valid until the landlord has released the rental guarantee from SwissCaution.

    You can cancel your SwissCaution rental guarantee at any time. You only need to provide your landlord with a substitute guarantee for the same amount and value. Only your landlord or your landlord’s representative can release your rental guarantee by signing and returning the original rental guarantee certificate to SwissCaution.

  • How is the rental guarantee premium calculated for a commercial lease?

    The annual premium is 5% of the rental guarantee amount (plus administrative and document issuance fee and Swiss federal stamp duty).

    Once your request has been accepted, you will have to pay the first annual premium to SwissCaution to validate your rental guarantee.

  • How long does it take to process my request?

    After receiving your request and all the required documents, your file will be examined and you will be informed of our response within seven working days.

  • Can my request be refused?

    Your request can be refused if it contains false or incomplete information. High risk or a lack of solvency are also grounds for refusal.

  • What happens if my landlord refuses the rental guarantee?

    The landlord is legally supposed to accept the rental guarantee without bank deposit. If your rental guarantee is refused, you can ask SwissCaution to contact your landlord directly. If the refusal persists, your landlord must return the original certificate to SwissCaution indicating a reason. In this case, you are not required to pay.

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