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Your rental guarantee for a private lease.

For all rental guarantees over CHF 50,000.-, please contact our Client Service on 0848 001 848 or by e-mail at info@swisscaution.ch.

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Fixed registration premium
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The following years
CHF 0.00 -10%

Watch out! A scam pretending to be SwissCaution is in progress. The scammers are asking for the payment of an amount equivalent to your rental guarantee. As a reminder, the amount of the SwissCaution registration premium is always CHF 231 or CHF 150 for a young person under 26 years old. SwissCaution will always contact you with "@swisscaution.ch" or "@emailing.swisscaution.ch" e-mail addresses. If you receive messages from a different address: do not follow up. If you receive a suspicious message, do not hesitate to contact our Client Service at 0848 001 848 or by e-mail at info@swisscaution.ch.

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What exactly is a rental guarantee without bank deposit?

More freedom for you and your money!

The rental guarantee without bank deposit is an alternative to the bank deposit and the tenants’ money is not tied up in a bank account for the duration of the lease.
If you opt for this solution, you pay an annual premium during the term of your lease and SwissCaution acts as your guarantor for your landlord.

Rental guarantee: Why choose a rental guarantee without bank deposit?

Instead of establishing a bank deposit as a guarantee, get your SwissCaution rental guarantee. You no longer have to block 3 months of rent in a bank account, especially if the bank deposit from your previous housing is not released yet. Choose the No. 1 for your rental guarantee without bank deposit.

Rental guarantee and bank deposit, which rules have to be observed?

The law does not require a rental guarantee or a bank deposit when renting an apartment, but in practice, whether it is a real estate agency or the landlord, a rental guarantee is almost always required. The amount of the guarantee is either deposited into a blocked bank account for the duration of the lease or guaranteed by SwissCaution with the rental guarantee without bank deposit. These regulations have been in force since the Act on Guarantees for Leases of 1971.

Choose the No. 1 for your rental guarantee without bank deposit in Switzerland.

The most recognised and accepted rental guarantee!

The SwissCaution rental guarantee is the most recognised and accepted rental guarantee among landlords and real estate agencies. Don’t miss out on the home you fancy and trust SwissCaution.

About us

Leader in rental guarantees in Switzerland, SwissCaution is a Swiss Mobiliar Cooperative Company and is authorised by the FINMA.

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