The SwissCaution rental guarantee,
more freedom for you and your money!

The SwissCaution rental guarantee provides you and your landlord with the same security and function as a bank deposit, but without the need to block your money at the bank for the duration of your lease.

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Free up your money for your projects!

How do you come up with 3 months' rent for a security deposit? It's not always easy, especially if the deposit on your previous apartment is still blocked.

With the SwissCaution rental guarantee, you don't need to gather this money and you can allocate it to more important projects.

The SwissCaution rental guarantee is as secure as a bank deposit. We offer a fast and high-quality service.

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Loyalty Program

Subject to eligibility, a Loyalty Discount is granted under the following conditions:

– after 2 full years of insurance, a 10% discount is applied to the amount of your premium;

- after 3 full years of insurance, a 20% discount is applied to the amount of your premium;

- after 4 full years of insurance, a 30% discount is applied to the amount of your premium;

Free HomeAssistance service

Small problems can quickly arise: forgetting your keys, having to deal with a water leak...

With SwissCaution, you can sit back and relax: thanks to HomeAssistance, you have free access to a 24/7 assistance service that covers you for up to CHF 1,000 per incident.

All your benefits

No bank deposit, no money tied up. SwissCaution frees you from this constraint by vouching for the rental guarantee on your behalf towards the landlord.

With SwissCaution, signing up for a rental guarantee has never been easier. Your application, together with the required documents and payment of your annual premium, is processed immediately.

Thanks to SwissCaution's experience since 1991 and reliability, its rental guarantee is the most widely recognized and accepted by landlords.

SwissCaution is an insurance company approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Leader in the Swiss rental guarantee market since 1991, SwissCaution works with over 2,500 real estate partners throughout Switzerland, all popular real estate websites, as well as all Mobiliar agencies and Post offices.

You are not bound by a fixed minimum term. You can cancel your rental guarantee at any time without notice. Simply provide an equivalent rental guarantee accepted by your landlord. Only your landlord or his/her representative can release your rental guarantee by returning the signed original rental guarantee certificate to SwissCaution.

Online is the fastest way

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