The SwissCaution rental guarantee is the ideal solution for lessees, lessors and real estate agencies!

Smooth procedure, personalised service: SwissCaution is the perfect partner for lessors and real estate agencies.

The SwissCaution rental guarantee replaces the bank deposit and offers lessors the same security and value as a bank deposit guarantee with enhanced service quality.

A simple, practical and quick procedure

In contrast to a bank deposit, the SwissCaution rental guarantee is simple, practical and quick. Doing away with bureaucracy, SwissCaution’s service speed allows you to save time and make considerable reductions in management costs.

Requesting a rental guarantee takes just a few steps. Once the lessee has paid the annual premium, SwissCaution undertakes to pay the lessor all debt associated with the lessee’s rental contract up to the maximum amount of the guarantee. The lessee then has to reimburse SwissCaution for the amount advanced.

How to terminate the rental guarantee of your lessees

Only the lessor or the lessor’s representative can release the rental guarantee of your lessees.

To find out more, please see the procedure for releasing the SwissCaution rental guarantee on the special website for real estate professionals:

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Residential lease


Enter your rental guarantee amount

Your rental guarantee for a private lease.

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Your guarantee deposit
CHF 0.-

Fixed registration premium
CHF 0.00 -35%

The following years
CHF 0.00 -10%

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