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The SwissCaution rental guarantee is the ideal solution for tenants, landlords and real estate agencies!

A simplified procedure and personalised service: SwissCaution is the perfect partner for landlords and real estate agencies.

The SwissCaution rental guarantee replaces the bank deposit and offers landlords the same security and value as a bank deposit guarantee and provides higher service quality.

Lessor informing himself on the rental guarantee without bank deposit on his tablet

How it works ?

A simple, practical and fast procedure

In contrast to a bank deposit, the SwissCaution rental guarantee is simple, practical and fast. Lowering the burden of administration, SwissCaution’s fast service allows you to save time and substantially reduce management costs.

Requesting a rental guarantee takes just a few steps. Once the tenant has paid the annual premium, SwissCaution is committed to pay the landlord all debt associated with the tenant’s rental contract up to the maximum amount of the guarantee. The tenant then has to reimburse SwissCaution the amount advanced.

How to cancel the rental guarantee of your tenants

Only the landlord or the landlord’s representative can release the rental guarantee of your tenants.

To find out more, please see the procedure for releasing a SwissCaution rental guarantee on the dedicated website for real estate professionals:

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