No.1 in rental guarantees without bank deposit!

The SwissCaution rental guarantee simple, practical and fast!

A simplified procedure and personalised service: take advantage of the SwissCaution rental guarantee and release your money for your business!

The SwissCaution rental guarantee replaces the bank deposit and gives your landlord the same security and value.

For an annual premium, SwissCaution issues a rental guarantee certificate for the landlord or real estate agency in the form of a rental guarantee insurance. It is equivalent to a bank guarantee and provides a better and faster service.

Our conditions

  • Annual premium of 5% of the rental guarantee amount + administrative costs of CHF 50.- + issue fee of CHF 100.– for the rental guarantee (only in the 1st year) + federal stamp duty of 5%.
  • Unlimited rental guarantee amount.

Request your rental guarantee in four steps right now:

The online form will guide you step-by-step to your rental guarantee.

Immediate Registration
  1. Complete the online form in accordance with your lease or draft lease
  2. Send the completed form, signed by all the tenants named in the lease, to SwissCaution by e-mail or post with copies of the following documents:
    • Commercial lease or draft lease for a minimum period of one year
    • Official identity document and B or C residence permits of all the tenants
    • Financial statements from the last 2 financial years (or a business plan and a budget for a new professional activity)

    Other documents may be requested depending on the nature of the business.

  3. After receiving your request and all the required documents, SwissCaution will examine your file. Once your request has been accepted, SwissCaution will send you a confirmation including the annual premium payable
  4. After receiving payment of your first annual premium, SwissCaution will issue the original rental guarantee document for your landlord and a copy for you

How do I cancel my rental guarantee?

You can cancel your rental guarantee at any time. Only your landlord or your landlord’s representative can release the rental guarantee.

To cancel your rental guarantee:

  1. Ask your landlord or your landlord’s representative (real estate agency) to sign and return the original rental guarantee certificate to SwissCaution
  2. After receiving the request from your landlord, you will be automatically released from paying the annual premium of the following year

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