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Under 26?
A discount!

One of your tenants is between 18 and 25? Top!
With the Youth Offer, enjoy a 10% discount on your premium.

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Keep your money for your free time

With the SwissCaution rental guarantee, you avoid tying up the equivalent of 3 months' rent. So you can invest your money in the projects that are important to you, such as vacations!

One tenant under the age of 26 is sufficient

Every registration that includes at least one tenant on the lease between the ages of 18 and 25 will automatically benefit from the offer! Simply fill in the registration form in accordance with your lease.

Still looking for an apartment?

Apply for a SwissCaution Provisional Certificate. It will help you improve your rental application you submit to the real estate agencies.
This document provides immediate proof to your landlord that you have already received an agreement to obtain a SwissCaution rental guarantee.

Request a Provisional Certificate

Registration process


Register for a rental guarantee using our online registration form - it's the quickest way. You can also register at a SwissCaution or a Mobiliar agency or at a Post office.


If a tenant is under 26, the discount is automatically applied.


You finalize your registration by uploading the required documents and paying your annual premium.


We send the rental guarantee certificate to your landlord and a copy to you.