How does the SwissCaution rental guarantee work?

The SwissCaution rental guarantee gives your lessor or real estate agency the same security and value as a bank deposit and offers a better quality and speed of service.

  • Moving soon?
    Register for the SwissCaution rental guarantee in order to avoid freezing three months of rent money in your bank account.
  • Already have a rental guarantee for your current accommodation?
    You can collect the rental guarantee money deposited in your bank by subscribing to SwissCaution rental guarantee.

1. Choose your subscription method

2. Complete your rental guarantee application

Whatever method that you choose for your rental guarantee application, you will need the documents listed below.

Documents required for your rental guarantee application

  • A copy of your lease or draft lease
  • A copy of an official identity document for all of the lessees registered on your lease
  • Residence permit* B, B (for refugees), C or F for lessees from abroad
  • A credit card or PostFinance for the payment of the flat-rate registration fee. Payment by e-banking transfer or by BVR is also possible (to be chosen at the payment stage during the application)

*For others permits, one guarantor must be resident in Switzerland.

The only thing left for you to do is apply for your rental guarantee.

Internet is the fastest method.

Register online and receive your rental guarantee without bank deposit immediately.

Immediate Registration

Find other ways to register by following this link:

Where to register?

3. Pay the flat-rate fee

Once your rental guarantee application is complete, pay the flat-rate registration fee of CHF 231.- (5% federal stamp included), which covers your rental guarantee until December 31st of the current year.

4. Receive your rental guarantee

Your rental guarantee will be immediately created and sent to your real estate agent or lessor, as well as a copy to yourself.

How much does it cost?

Example of premium calculation:

  • Rental guarantee requested: CHF 3,200.-
  • Your rental guarantee: CHF 0.-
  • Flat rate registration fee: CHF 231.-
    Valid until December 31st of the current year (5% federal stamp included).
  • For the following years: CHF 189.- per year
    Your annual premium corresponds to 5% of your rental guarantee amount (CHF 20.-administrative fee + 5% federal stamp included).

How can I cancel my rental guarantee?

You can cancel your rental guarantee at any time. Be aware that only your lessor or his representative can release your rental guarantee.

  • Ask your lessor or real estate agency to return the original copy of the signed rental guarantee to SwissCaution.
  • Once your lessor or real estate agent has requested the release of your SwissCaution rental guarantee, you will be automatically absolved from paying the annual premium for the following year.

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Residential lease


Enter your rental guarantee amount

Your rental guarantee for a private lease.

For all rental guarantees over CHF 50,000.-, please contact our Client Service on 0848 001 848 or by e-mail at

Your guarantee deposit
CHF 0.-

Fixed registration premium
CHF 0.00 -35%

The following years
CHF 0.00 -10%

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