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How to register?

You would like to apply for a rental guarantee: It's very simple and quick to get your SwissCaution's rental guarantee without bank deposit and reassuring for both you and your landlord.

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Subscribe to the SwissCaution rental guarantee to avoid blocking up to 3 months' rent in a bank account.

You already have a bank guarantee and would like to switch to SwissCaution: find out more.

1. Documents required for your rental guarantee request

Copy of your lease or draft lease (all pages).

Copy of identity card, passport or signed B, C or F residence permit for each tenant on your lease

2. Sign up

Internet is the fastest way to receive your rental guarantee.

After submitting your online request, you will immediately receive an email confirming your registration with SwissCaution and telling you how to send us any missing documents to finalize your request.

3. Pay the annual premium

You will then receive a confirmation of the rental guarantee by email with a secure link to pay the premium amount. You can pay with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PostFinance, TWINT card or also by QR invoice or e-banking.

4. Receive your rental guarantee certificate

Your rental guarantee certificate will be issued immediately and sent to your real estate agency or landlord. A copy will also be sent to you.

HOP! Quickly calculate your premium.

Find out now how much your annual premium will be by using the premium calculator.

Your advantages with SwissCaution

  • No money blocked
  • Free HomeAssistance service
  • Loyalty discount after 2 years
  • No. 1 rental guarantee provider in Switzerland



Calculate your premium for a private lease

Rental guarantee amount


In order to benefit from the youth discount of 10% on the base premium, only one of the tenants named on the rental agreement must be under 26 years of age.

Your premium


Annual premium

Loyalty discount

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HomeAssistance Service offered

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All you need to know about the rental guarantee

If your landlord has claims against you (for example, damages or unpaid rent) and if you give your consent, SwissCaution will directly pay the amount claimed up to the maximum amount of your rental guarantee. You will then have to reimburse SwissCaution the amount that was paid to your landlord.

Do not forget to contact your insurer (civil liability/home insurance) to check if those costs could possibly be covered.

The SwissCaution rental guarantee procedure is simple, efficient and fast. We process a rental guarantee request swiftly, provided that the tenant sends us the request and all the necessary documents and pays the annual premium. The rental guarantee certificate is then sent directly by mail to the landlord or the landlord’s representative with a copy sent to the tenant.

If you have subscribed to a SwissCaution rental guarantee for a residential lease and provided that you fulfill the eligibility requirements (no pending debt collection procedure with SwissCaution), you will get the following discounts on your premium:

  • After 2 full years of insurance, a 10% discount
  • After 3 full years of insurance (but not before January 1, 2025), a 20% discount
  • After 4 full years of insurance (but not before January 1, 2025), a 30% discount

The Youth Offer discount can be combined with the Loyalty Discount.