SwissCaution makes life easier for real estate agencies and landlords!

The SwissCaution rental guarantee is a simple, practical and fast solution for you and your lessees. From the issuing of the rental guarantee to the moment of release, SwissCaution offers a premium quality service and saves you a considerable amount of time.

The SwissCaution rental guarantee is as secure as a bank deposit guarantee and provides a better and faster service.

Apartment owner on the phone with future tenant

Your advantages

Security for the landlord

The SwissCaution rental guarantee offers landlords the same value, security and function as a bank guarantee.

Optimised management costs

The SwissCaution method lowers the burden of administration and is simple and fast. It allows you to substantially reduce management costs.

Lessee solvency check

SwissCaution verifies the solvency of lessees helping you make the right choice.

Fast release of the rental guarantee

SwissCaution ensures the release of the rental guarantee as fast as possible.

Guaranteed cover

Coverage is provided by the rental guarantee even in the event of non-payment of the premium by the lessee.

Commitment to landlords

SwissCaution pays the landlord all debt associated with the lessee’s rental contract up to the maximum amount of the guarantee.

A safe and reliable partner

Swiss rental guarantee leader since 1991, SwissCaution is an insurance company certified by the FINMA. We work with more than 2,500 Swiss real estate agencies, leading real estate websites and all Mobiliar agencies and Swiss Post offices.

Dedicated services: SwissCaution Pro

SwissCaution offers real estate agencies and landlord a dedicated contact and a monitoring service for all their rental guarantees on a private and secure Internet site: pro.swisscaution.ch

Accompanied service

SwissCaution supports landlords or their representatives throughout the entire process, from the issuing of the rental guarantee to the release of the rental guarantee, and ensures that requests are handled swiftly.