No.1 in rental guarantees without bank deposit!

Release your money for key business projects with the SwissCaution rental guarantee!

You have just found new premises for your company but do not want to tie up a significant amount of money in a bank account to cover your rental guarantee?

SwissCaution releases you from this constraint and allows you to invest this money to develop your business activities. The SwissCaution rental guarantee offers your landlord the same security, value and function as a guarantee offered by a bank.

Our strength compared to traditional bank deposits: a smooth operational procedure and personalised service.

Obtaining the funds for a commercial rental guarantee can be a burden. The SwissCaution rental guarantee without bank deposit brings flexibility to your finances.

More freedom for what really matters

With the SwissCaution rental guarantee, your business benefits from greater financial flexibility. You no longer have to block your funds unnecessarily to cover the rental guarantee, so you are free to use this money to develop your business activities.

You can cancel your contract at any time

The SwissCaution rental guarantee can be cancelled at any time. You only need to provide your landlord with a substitute guarantee for the same amount and value. Only your landlord or your landlord’s representative can release your rental guarantee by signing and returning the original rental guarantee to SwissCaution.

A safe, reliable partner for your business

SwissCaution is an insurance company certified by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). We work with more than 2,500 Swiss real estate agencies, leading real estate websites and all Mobiliar agencies and Swiss Post offices.

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